Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hipjoint House

I am feeling the urge to describe to you what goes on here @ the Hipjoint House in more detail.
We are a production/recording studio (Hipjoint Productions) that also has a music publishing side (H-Songs) located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

We are a happy family of five. Mike James and Troy Samson are the owners/writers. Phil Lehmann is the head engineer and fantastic producer. Lillian Henriques is also an exceptional producer.

In 2006, I began @ Hipjoint as an intern, while continuing to write music, play shows etc. Spring 2008, Phil started teaching me the ropes in Logic. I learned how create all my own demos, and the boys were super cool by giving me a set of keys to the studio, allowing me to come in and work. Spring 2009 I signed to Nettwerk One and H-Songs Publishing, becoming the first writer on roster to H-Songs in history!

The record that we are currently working on is my debut album coming (June 1st 2010)
This is also the first project that ALL of us, have sat down together to focus our talents and efforts to collectively create with a great sounding record.

We are as diverse in age and ethnicity as we are in our strengths and personalities, which is why we make such a great team.

Over the last four weeks, we've come together to write, record, produce music AND to listen to eachothers point of view, express our opinions, walk eachother through our creative processes, and most imprtantly, to support one another.

It's been an incredible learning experience and I just wanted to take a moment to show gratitude towards Hipjoint. I love our family. I love what we do. Thank you for the adventure:)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week #4 - Mixing The Album

Producer - Phil Lehmann

Hello friends,

We're on our 4th week of the project - we are mixing some tunes for the record with Phil Lehmann. Everything is sounding great so far! Really looking forward to the finished product.

Meanwhile, I've been putting together my MITAP application for Music BC due Feb 1st. (I'm applying for a touring grant for our Western Canada Tour coming up in May)

For those of you that might not know, Music BC has a program called MITAP (Music Industry Travel Assistance Program) for which you can apply for a grant if you go out on tour, or perform at a showcase - additional funding always comes in handy!

For more info

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In The Studio....

Hi Friends,
Currently in the studio @ Hipjoint working on the production for "Slave2Love" (co-written with Mike James, Troy Samson) that will be on the new album (drops June1st 2010)

I'm very excited about how the record is shaping up thus far. Myself and the Hipjoint team have dedicated the month of January to writing, recording and producing a full-length album. The first week, we co-wrote 2 new songs, "The Phoenix" a.k.a bad-ass hip hop track, and "Be Gental" a.k.a. heart breaker! The second week was focused on recording 4 vocals to 4 different tracks - "Slave2love," "The Phoenix," "Be Gental" and "Closet Freak" (written with Hawksley Workman, Greg Johnston)

We are now onto our 3rd week, dedicated to wrapping up productions on all the tunes!
Troy Samson is working his magic right now as we speak, the production is becoming massive! (organs, strings and a ridiculously large sounding snare:)

I'll also be in after hours this evening working on the production of "Closet Freak"
Stay tuned!