Monday, July 5, 2010

Guitar Chords to "Diamonds"

Noticed someone had been searching for the guitar chords to "Diamonds'' - thought I write out some instructions for ya! Hope this helps and hope you find it ok. xoxox

Chords - Diamonds by Stef Lang

Tuning: B string is tuned up to a C

Capo on 3 fret

This song is finger picked:

The Low E string does all the moving…with picking

The rest is rung out by the G+B+D string

Step 1: Pluck Low E string on the 8th fret

Step 2: Pluck G + B open string together at the same time

Step 3: Pluck D open string

Each time Low E moves, repeat Steps 2 + 3

Low E is plucked at the 8th fret, 1st fret , 5th fret and 3rd fret (in that order)

This repeats throughout the whole song

The only change is at “and I’m falling into the Earth” – it pedals on the 1st and 3rd fret

Hope this helps!

love Stef

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