Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 1: Kick Start Canadian Music Week

Hello Friends!

Today was a great way to start the week in Toronto. I caught an early flight this morning to T.O. and as the plane descended...I peaked out of my window seat to see nothing but SNOW! Totally should have used my Weather Network app on my Android phone to check the weather before coming to Ontario. Brrrrr! I would have packed a few extra sweaters...scarves...mittens...long-johns.

I hopped on the bus to downtown and checked in for band registration at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel. In the line up to pick up artist wristbands, I bumped into two members from Venice Queen www.myspace.com/venicequeenband (Fox Seeds Winners) a couple years back. Turns out, they are from Vancouver as well! The city is already buzzing with excitement...musicians a like all seem to be able to pick each other out in a crowd.

(With The Autumn Portrait, Jeremy von Hollen @ The Horseshoe)

At the airport..also bumped into band members from Red Vienna www.myspace.com/redvienna as we were coincidentally both checking our guitars into the fragile baggage section. All I had to do was ask "Canadian Music Week?" and an understanding nod confirmed that it is going to be a jam packed week of conferences, co-writing, showcases, shmoozing and checking out new bands!

Once I registered for CMW, I made my way to the East side to settle in with a friend of a friend. Turns out...One of them is now the new drummer for Ron Sexsmith! Rad!

I hit up my friend Jeremy von Hollon (music supervisor for Instinct Entertainment – and show Degrassi) and made plans to hang! Jeremy is the man behind the magic for bringing you “Straitjacket” and “Diamonds” by placing them in Degrassi:) He is good people! We hooked up downtown for some spontaneous ice skating then made our way to the Horseshoe Tavern.

Great line up tonight for the Tuesday New Music Night at The Shoe. We caught Royal Canoe – from Winnipeg. Amazingly, powerful and emotional music! LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Definitely check them out! Www.myspace.com/royalcanoe

Also caught Acres of Lions! They played an energetic set and we chatted briefly after their set. Very nice guys! Check them out www.acresoflions.com

And WHAT DO YOU KNOW! Bumped into some Vancourites at The Horseshoe as well! The boys from Autumn Portrait are currently on their cross Canada Tour now...and they surprised me...we hugged it out...then had a shooter. The lovely Adeline also graced us with her presence! So nice to have so much of home in the same room.


Royal Canoe @ The Horseshoe Tavern www.myspace.com/royalcanoe

Ice skating downtown Toronto! brrrrr

With Jeremy :)

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