Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2: CMW 2011 – Do it up RIGHT!

Hello All!

I'm reporting again from snowy, cold and rainy Toronto. Today is my second day here for Canadian Music Week and I spent it catching up with friends and checking out some killer bands!

I started out at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel and met up with my friend Dan Erison. We chatted about music over drinks the lobby cocktail lounge. Dan is currently in management for Open Road Records. (Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts)

(With the Hipjoint Boys @ El Macombo)

We bumped into the beautiful and lovely Tracey Singer also from Vancouver. She is managing country artist Stacy McKitrik also from Vancouver!

After a few rounds...I get a text from Mike James (Hipjoint Productions) saying “Just got off the plane...I'll be at the hotel in one hour.” My reply... “Sweet I'm at the bar”

Turns out we had all made the same plans to go see the same showcase without even knowing, so we merged forces and took Toronto by storm.

(Running Red Lights)

We made our way out to The Supermarket in Kensington Market to catch The Agency Group Showcase. I had made dinner plans with Nancy Levesque, so we met up there for some pad thai and spicy chicken! Nancy is rocking with the Tanjola team in Toronto on the artist management side. (Tanjola manages Keshia Chante, Shiloh)

There was a hand full of people I bumped into at The Supermarket! Artist manager/booker Rob Pattee, artist Jack Connolly, Fraser Hill of EMI and Dina Young (Dina and her partner in crime Bonnie are two lovely ladies that helped me get my FACTOR grants for tour funding and marketing/promotion funding) They are dope!

(Courage My Love @ El Macombo)

We watched country sweetheart Stacey McKitrik play a short set with her band. Great voice! I was line dancing in the crowd!

Shortly after...Running Red Lights hit the stage. I really enjoyed their show. Their front woman has great stage presence – slightly reminds me of Emily Haines of Metric. Also loved when their drummer started rapping. Check them out at

Then, me and the Hipjoint team (Mike James, Troy Samson) made our way to El Macombo to check out Courage My Love. They are 17-year-old LEGIT rockers. For real. Great energy...couldn't keep my eyes off their chick drummer. Seriously bad ass and rare to see such young talent!

(Darlingside @ The Dakota Tavern)

Closing in on 11pm, I flew solo over to The Dakota Tavern to check out this group I checked out on Myspace this morning. They are called Darlingside...really loved their music online and their live show was perfect. Intimate, heartfelt and the venue suits the mood. Check them out!

2 nights down! 4 more to Go!

S.LANG over and OUT!

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